Dog Days of Summer – Time for Change

Summer may hang on a bit longer in the Chesapeake, but the cold wind is reminding us it’s time to head to warmer climates. I’m a planner and one thing I’ve learned living on a sailboat is, I’m not in charge. Life is stranger than fiction and no matter the contingencies we take to minimize our risks, surprises pop up.

Storm Clouds

We’re preparing for our trek south and we’re always asked, “Where are you going?” We’ve learned to say, “South”. Does that mean Florida? Does that mean the Bahamas? Does that mean this year we make it to the Caribbean? Don’t know.

I’m struggling right now because the final quarter of the year is coming up and I’m thinking about what I’ve accomplished this year and writing down those all important goals for 2012 with action steps and a detailed plan. But, now I have four years of life on a sailboat to know plans have to change. It’s probably the hardest lesson the crew has had to learn.

So do I start making plans, or do I float through life? My answer is I still plan with knowledge that I can and will plan for all contingencies and be willing to send my life in new directions and re-organize. But at least I’ll have a road map. A starting point.

What about you? As summer turns to fall are you thinking ahead? How far ahead? To the homecoming dances, football and Halloween or are you already thinking to 2012?

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About Nancy J Nicholson

Nancy J. Nicholson is a wife, mother, writer, and full-time sailor, writing of her adventures and creating contemporary mysteries along the shores of the eastern United States and Caribbean. She fills her time with new friends, exploration, food, knitting and reading.
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9 Responses to Dog Days of Summer – Time for Change

  1. I plan a week ahead most of the time…lol…that’s about the limit. And I wouldn’t even go THAT far ahead if it weren’t for doing the schedule at work! augh!

    • I’m the opposite. I like planning a year, a quarter and a month in advance. This sailing thing has really help build my creativiy by not planning so detailed. Somewhere in between the two of us would be perfect. ;-)

  2. Natalie says:

    I am with you Nancy. I like to plan to hit some major goals each year. I like to have a sense of the direction I am heading. Some years it’s easier than others because the goals are quite clear. Point A ot Point B. The last two or three have been harder for me because I am not sure what main direction I want to take yet. It’s simmering but not quite clear yet. But I still lay out some ideas. Like you, I keep the “goals” at the forefront of my mind but not to the point where I don’t see new opportunities that allow me to take totally new and unexpected paths. Sometimes they are the best. Like anything in life, it’s all about balance. :)

  3. Planning and setting goals is helpful for me, but they are intentions and if I don’t meet them, I accept the re-direct, and look for opportunities there. Your planning process is one I would like to implement and have some road mapping for 2012. And accept the detours.

    Planning for intervention by mother nature is a different matter. I learned when volunteering for the Red Cross after Katrina, that disaster planning is important. I understand that you and your crew must be prepared for the unforeseen. That kind of planning is good!

    The photo of the storm clouds is awesome. Do have a safe journey, Nancy

  4. Carol Roe says:

    I try to plan ahead, then life happens. Changes need to be made, ideas scrapped. So I tend to plan a few days in advance for the daily stuff. Pencil in big things and roll along one day at a time. I have really fallen behind my usual self appointed tasks. Like Christmas shopping and cards done by Thanksgiving. YIKES, I better get busy . LOL.

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