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Ahoy Mates!

It’s rumored in a former life, Nancy J. Nicholson lived as a pirate. Full of wanderlust, she has traveled through the universe to live firmly in the present. Born a Midwest farm girl, she’s a consummate overachiever who never turns down a challenge.

The independent lifestyle won as a farmer’s daughter has taken her on a journey through retail and sales. Then came along a pirate. Okay, really just a sailor, transplanted to the Midwest with wanderlust of his own. He called to the past spirits within Nancy and a new journey was born.

In 2007, Nancy and her pirate moved aboard a 47′ sailboat with their two teenagers. Having survived small spaces with the children she is still sailing with her rogue. Nancy is writing of her adventures and creating contemporary mysteries along the shores of the eastern United States and Caribbean.

Welcome Aboard for an enjoyable ride!

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