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Feast or Famine Part 2

Dieting isn’t about not eating. It’s about eating the right foods. Mostly, what I’ve learned through the years is that less is more, but more often is better. Once your body knows it won’t go hungry, it has no need … Continue reading

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Changing Directions, From East to South

Life is funny, scary, delightful and downright hard. For the last six months we’ve been taking the thorny path to paradise. This trip has been anything but boring. We’ve seen new places and people. We’ve survived 8-10 foot seas, pounding … Continue reading

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Relationships: Blessings and Change

Two hearts become one. Life is perfect. Marriage, family and a life everlasting. That’s what every little girls dreams. Finding Prince Charming will make her life complete. Reality is much different. Sure, as relationships develop the parties involved don’t realize … Continue reading

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Sailing 101: Leaving the Security of Home Behind

Fawkes loves the warmer temperatures we’ve finally achieved. Without working on it, I’ve started to tan. You’d think that’d be enough for this crew. Just being warm in the winter and cool in the summer was not what we had … Continue reading

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Stepping Out Your Front Door

Clear blue skies, water dripping emerald-green whispering under the hull and brisk wind filling the sails. What could be better than sea life as your companion? Life doesn’t get much better than this. Except, life isn’t always perfect, yet there’s … Continue reading

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Dog Days of Summer – Time for Change

Summer may hang on a bit longer in the Chesapeake, but the cold wind is reminding us it’s time to head to warmer climates. I’m a planner and one thing I’ve learned living on a sailboat is, I’m not in … Continue reading

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