Projects Meant to Show Respect

We’re in the islands now. That means we have to respect a multitude of cultures and countries, all within a few days travel of one another.

For US citizens this can be a pretty simple procedure, but one thing you want to have aboard are each country’s flags.

I’m handy with a needle and thread, so I opted to make my flags. One thing I didn’t count on was the amount of clouds we’d have most days. See getting my sewing machine out, means we drain the batteries pretty fast. This isn’t one of those appliances meant for a boat, thus a power hungry monster.

When the sun shines the Captain and I are all about finishing the flags for countries down island.

This is a look of an entire day consumed by flags.

Have you ever wanted to complete a project, but life conspires to throw a curve ball?

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About Nancy J Nicholson

Nancy J. Nicholson is a wife, mother, writer, and full-time sailor, writing of her adventures and creating contemporary mysteries along the shores of the eastern United States and Caribbean. She fills her time with new friends, exploration, food, knitting and reading.
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8 Responses to Projects Meant to Show Respect

  1. This time around we only need two flags – the US and the Bahamas. On our last adventure we went from Toronto to Aruba and back. We got to Luperon and had a lovely woman sew our flags for us. We didn’t have a sewing machine aboard, and I couldn’t face sewing them by hand. Good on you for doing this.

  2. I think sometimes life gets in the way of the projects I want to do just to test my dedication. LOL Fascinating post Nancy. I had no idea about the flags!

  3. Carol Roe says:

    I am sure it was a huge savings to sew your own, but what a lot of work!
    Oh My Goodness, If I had a penny for every curveball life has tossed at me, I would be a rich woman…LOL.

  4. What a great project. Good for you and The Captain. Where are you now?

  5. How interesting about the flags! Sometimes the projects themselves throw you curve balls; what was supposed to be simple ends up way more complicated.

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