MANday Challenge

Here’s a fun contest for you to participate in. My blogging friend Jillian Dodd does an excellent MANday post on Monday’s. If nothing else, it will get your juices flowing on a Monday morning.

Now she’s convinced a very fine looking author to pose for a future MANday.

You can help make this happen, I’ll let Jillian give you the full details.


I recently met author CJ West. Aside from writing great books, I couldn’t help but notice that he was pretty darn cute. So I politely inquired about the possibility of him appearing on one of my MANday blog posts. (Actually, I said, Do you have good abs?) After a little help from some of my female author friends, we convinced him (okay, we bribed him) into agreeing.

So here’s the deal:

If we can get 5,000 people to comment on his website, he will be featured on MANday!
In case you have never seen a MANday post, feast your eyes on this and this
If you help us, YOU will be eligible to win a prize package of ebooks by both CJ West and myself, Jillian Dodd, as well as some of our friend’s books. You can enter to win that package by doing this:

Leave me a comment!!


Tweet this: Help @jilliandodd convince @cjwest to be on MANday #teamnoshirt #contest #prize #kindle #books

If we reach our goal, we will also award a $500 Amazon Gift card to one lucky winner!!!
To enter to win the $500 gift card, go to CJ’s blog and leave a comment.

He needs a little encouragement!!

List of books in the prize package:

That Boy by Jillian Dodd
That Wedding by Jillian Dodd
The End of Marking Time by CJ West
Sin And Vengeance by CJ West
Drawing Free by Elena Aitken
Devil Unknown a novella by Steena Holmes
Elemental Magic by Angela Wallace
Again by Diana Murdock
Telesa by Lani Wendt Young
Exiled by MR MerrickT
he Bridge Club by Patricia Sands

Tell your friends!

How much fun are you going to have? Who would you like to see in a future MANday?

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Nancy J. Nicholson is a wife, mother, writer, and full-time sailor, writing of her adventures and creating contemporary mysteries along the shores of the eastern United States and Caribbean. She fills her time with new friends, exploration, food, knitting and reading.
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13 Responses to MANday Challenge

  1. Jillian Dodd says:

    Thanks for the help!!!!

  2. Yeahhh…I already went and did the commenting and tweeting – here’s hoping they meet the numbers and we get some yummy pics!!!

  3. This is so much fun! I hope we get the 5,000 and see us some CJ abs!

  4. Carol Roe says:

    Who would I like to see on a future MANday? How about Captian of the Fawkes ! :) hug…

  5. Hi Nancy! I’m in! I’ve already stopped by Jillian’s and CJ’s blogs. We will hit our goal!

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  7. Dannie Hill says:

    Great idea. I’m sure CJ will be impressed!

  8. Lizze says:

    I’m on my way over to comment now! Thanks for the great give-away and opportunity to see his delicious abs! ;-)

  9. Janet says:

    I LOVE MANday covers! Keep working out, cuz you are just yummy to look at CJ!

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