Luperon, Dominican Republic

We rocked and rolled into the Dominican Republic after a 24 hour sail. Upon our approach, a rainbow appeared in the sky so brilliant, the legs of the rainbow reflected off the water to touch our small vessel. We were the pot of gold.

Luperon is a secure harbor and one of the things making it so is the winding path to get inside the inner harbor. It’s unnerving to go into an unknown area for the first time. You have the charts, you have read all the information, but until you thread your way through the shoals and reefs on either side and find a deep harbor, your heart stands still anticipating a need to react.

Boat Boy

We found our deep water and fellow boaters to guide our way. A simple call on the VHF radio brings our guide and boat boy, Papo, to put us on a mooring ball and see to our every need. Over the weeks we were there, Papo brought us drinking water and fuel. He arranged for tours and dived boats to clean the propellers.

The countryside was beautiful, but the town held a charm of its own. Animals, mostly dogs but also a herd of goats could be seen roaming free. The folks of Luperon may not have much, but we got the feeling of pride in what they did have. Pidgeon peas lined the sidewalks as they dried after the harvest.

Spanish is the local language and the residents were ready with a smile and an hola, hola as we walked past. It’s refreshing when they are patient and ready to help gringos with the language.

The town square is a breath of fresh air and shows the spirit of the people.

The bakery may not be anything to look at, but I assure you the confections inside are worth the journey.

Despite the grandeur, the fire department is well tended.

Back home, walking similar streets would put one on guard, here, life is simple and full of family, baseball and happiness.

Have you ever been someplace that made you smile? Someplace, that in another time and place you’d be on your guard?

Maybe if we look beyond the surface of life, we’ll see something we’re missing.

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About Nancy J Nicholson

Nancy J. Nicholson is a wife, mother, writer, and full-time sailor, writing of her adventures and creating contemporary mysteries along the shores of the eastern United States and Caribbean. She fills her time with new friends, exploration, food, knitting and reading.
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6 Responses to Luperon, Dominican Republic

  1. I love seeing the photos and hearing your comments about your ports of call. You are so right about looking beneath the surface and finding lovely surprises.
    Nancy, are you still there? Will you be able to meet up with Natalie or are you in a totally different part of the country?

    • Thanks Patricia. There’s so much to say about each of our ports of call, there’s no telling where we are at any one time. I’ll probably flip back and forth from our present and our past. One sometimes reminds us of the other. I think Natalie is on the south side of DR and we were traveling the north and east sides.

  2. Gorgeous. Thanks for taking those of us who are landbound out into the world Nancy! =)

  3. Carol Roe says:

    You find the most amazing places. Thanks for taking us along on the adventure. Hugs…

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