Love Is In The Air

It’s February and that means Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Depending on your gender the holiday could bring about heart pounding anticipation or palm sweating dread.

The descriptions are a broad stroke of generality, but accurate to some extent. If love is new, you probably fit into these categories fairly accurately. If love has matured, the feelings may have dimmed, but everyone wants to feel special on a holiday set aside for love.

Then there are those individuals still waiting for cupid to throw the arrow and Valentine’s Day is met with hope or depression.

It’s an emotionally volatile holiday and that got me to thinking. Is love reserved for that ONE someone special? Or, is love a greater emotion meant to spread to all those around you, all year long?

I’ve experienced all the emotions described above. I’m sailing with my one true love. The meaning of the holiday has shifted throughout the years.

There’s nothing like the thrill of receiving your first dozen long stem red roses or the ring that says, “I’ll love you for a lifetime.” After the initial thrill wears off and your love matures, do you still get a thrill from the one you pledged your lifetime?

I’ll suggest this February, no matter what stage of significant love you have, you consider a wider spectrum of people in your life that may need a shower of love sent their way. Life is made more special when someone looks beyond the new and mature love to those without. This sharing is made more special when it becomes a life time commitment of sharing. You never know how much love will come back to you until you give it a try.

Who needs a bit of love this February in your life? Do you spread the love all year long?

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About Nancy J Nicholson

Nancy J. Nicholson is a wife, mother, writer, and full-time sailor, writing of her adventures and creating contemporary mysteries along the shores of the eastern United States and Caribbean. She fills her time with new friends, exploration, food, knitting and reading.
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6 Responses to Love Is In The Air

  1. Carol Roe says:

    I think you already know my answer! I am a lover of all… I love to do small things, some would call them random acts of kindness, all year long. Not just for DH and the kids but most anyone I have meet! Enjoy your Valentine’s Day and every day with Captain, hugs…

  2. Fantastic post Nancy. Hubby and I practice the art of love all year round. We try to embrace our marriage and relationship as a living thing that needs nurturing and care. Although I will admit, we do usually do something fun on Feb 14th to celebrate the day…we do celebrate “us” year long! And being affectionate and playful by nature, we share the love with friends and family year-long as well. It’s important. The more you spread, the better you feel!

  3. Dannie Hill says:

    Well said, Nancy! There are so many people who feel unloved and passing on a kind word or maybe just a smile helps lighten their load. Love is in the air.

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