Bahamian Flavor

We’ve already talked about Bahamian Conch Salad, but I have to tell you, the flavors of the Bahamas will tickle your taste buds.

New Year's Hog Roast

We’ve had the opportunity to share some amazing meals, from our Christmas Fare to New Years Hog roast and everything in between.

I wanted to re-create some of these amazing flavors on the boat and take a bit of the Bahamas with me. Imagine my discovery of a great travel site with a sampling of recipes from each of the Caribbean Islands at Island Flave.

Pigeon Peas

Besides all things conch, some to the other staples of the Bahamian diet are peas and rice. Not just any pea, but pigeon peas. I had to Google them to find out what a Pigeon pea really was and basically it’s a tropical staple for the islands.

The basic recipe is the peas, garlic, thyme and rice. Added to the mixture are red peppers, onions and tomato sauce, or not. I’ve had it both ways. Check out the recipe here. I think I’d probably put it together more like Spanish rice and sauté the rice adding the tomato sauce, garlic, with the water. I’d probably have canned pigeon peas verses dried, but that’s just me. I’ll let you know how my experiment works out.

Grouper Lunch

Grouper is also a seafood staple of the Bahamas, though there is a season for this mild fish. We had a wonderful rendition in Rum Cay.

It’s a toss up whether Bahamian Macaroni & Cheeseis better than peas and rice, so it’s not a problem when you find both on your plate. This baked dish follows the general pattern of what we serve in the United States, so check out the recipe and see if you can’t spice up your own favorite dish.

If you're lucky enough you can free dive for Lobster. No claws here.

If you’re into the drinks with fruit and umbrellas then you don’t want to miss making the Bahama Mama. They’re a bit too sweet for me, but they definitely go down smooth.

Do you like stepping out to try regional foods similar to your standards? Are you going to give any of these a try? I know I will.

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11 Responses to Bahamian Flavor

  1. Really? No claws? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.

  2. Well the hog roast and grouper lunch both look amazing and I’d definitely try them! I’m more apt to try local foods if someone can recommend something as tasty. I get nervous with new stuff. LOL!

    • Natalie, new stuff definitely makes me nervous. Went to my first large super market today all in spanish. Good thing I had all my list written out so I could ask for locations. But also, we get to try the best of the local cuisine. Some of it is really amazing.

  3. Kara says:

    Wow, that all looks amazing. And I had no idea about the claws! Very interesting:)

  4. Tameri says:

    Nancy, you totally need to go on Pinterest and post these pictures from your travels. They are all amazing! The food sounds delicious and I love all the new things you get to try.

  5. Carol Roe says:

    Your posts have a way of making me hungry! I might try a few new things if I had a chance. But then I like ALMOST everything edible (well minus the gross factor) I.e. raw oysters, octapus, etc… LOL.

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