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Social Hour: The Line

Ever stood in line at the bank, a concert or a government office? Then you know the folks in the line have at least something in common. Are you one of those folks who buries their head in a newspaper, … Continue reading

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Family in Unlikely Places

The crew of Fawkes was lucky enough to spend Christmas at one of our favorite Exumas stops, Black Point Settlement. According to a sales flyer, “Black Point is the largest village in the Exumas outside of Great Exuma.” To us, … Continue reading

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Let’s Remember Thanksgiving

We missed the Macy’s Day Parade, but we witnessed first hand the parade of freighters. We didn’t share a meal with 30 of our closest relatives and friends, but we had a taste of tradition all the same. We’re taking … Continue reading

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Cruiser’s Guide to Fixing Things

MacGyver must have been a cruiser. Duct tape, silly putty and grit. That’s the life of a cruiser. Our last passage out to sea we discovered our steaming light had, for lack of a better word, disintegrated. No surprise, since … Continue reading

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Social Etiquette in the ICW

Do you remember Fisher-Price Weebles that wobble? Yeah, well there are two different types of boats. The Weebles or what we refer to as floating bath-tubs and us. Ha! Well, I have to say, it may sound as if I’m … Continue reading

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Galley Wench Get’s a Night Off

I’m pretty handy in the galley. I like cooking, I like creating new menus to tickle the taste buds. I like getting a night out. We stopped recently in Washington, North Carolina , a thirty mile detour off our plotted … Continue reading

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Mandatory Down Day

The migration south has started and none too soon. The cold and wind have picked up. Hurricane season isn’t officially over until the end of November. So there’s a balance between really heading south to warmer climates and waiting safely … Continue reading

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