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Times of Helplessness

Do you ever feel helpless. Just out of control to do anything but watch? Maybe it’s a sick child. Maybe it’s someone you’ve lost. In either case all you can do is feel the pain and go through the motions. … Continue reading

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Bahamas: An Island Playground

Just 50 miles off the coast of Florida lies a playground of 700 islands. Cruise ships routinely ply the waters of this archipelago stopping most frequently in Nassau. There’s more to the Bahamas than the capital of Nassau but can … Continue reading

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Puzzles: Outline First or Middle – Out

Our family has a tradition to start a puzzle during the holidays. It’s a bit more difficult on a boat as we only have one flat surface in which to work, eat and socialize. Plus, there’s all those pesky little … Continue reading

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Sailing 101: Leaving the Security of Home Behind

Fawkes loves the warmer temperatures we’ve finally achieved. Without working on it, I’ve started to tan. You’d think that’d be enough for this crew. Just being warm in the winter and cool in the summer was not what we had … Continue reading

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Cruiser’s Guide to Fixing Things

MacGyver must have been a cruiser. Duct tape, silly putty and grit. That’s the life of a cruiser. Our last passage out to sea we discovered our steaming light had, for lack of a better word, disintegrated. No surprise, since … Continue reading

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Anticipation, Anxiety and Preparation

First day at school, graduation, college, these are our first major mile stones. Then we move to new jobs, relationships, marriage, and children. Each step on our journey in life is met with excitement and trepidation. What’s around the corner? … Continue reading

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Social Etiquette in the ICW

Do you remember Fisher-Price Weebles that wobble? Yeah, well there are two different types of boats. The Weebles or what we refer to as floating bath-tubs and us. Ha! Well, I have to say, it may sound as if I’m … Continue reading

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