ROW 80

A Round of Words in 80 Days is the writing challenge that knows you have a life.

Round 4

December 18, 2011 Check-in and Wrap-Up

It’s been awhile since I’ve checked in, but today is my last check-in for Row 80 Round 4.

I think I’ve done fairly well this round and appreciate all the support I received from my fellow Row brother and sisters. It’s not easy staying on track and these folks have been amazing. Even more difficult is getting internet access, but I’ve made it work. 2012 will have internet access even more difficult, but I’m going to persevere and support all that do participate in ROW 80 because I think it’s awesome.

So, for a final wrap up….

1) I’ve posted three blogs per week since the beginning effectively completing my 90 day commitment when I started Nancy J Nicholson’s Blog, Flying with the Phoenix. It’s been amazing and I’m happy to say, I plan to continue my three day a week commitment despite my limited access to internet.

2) It’s been amazing how many blogs that I’ve been able to visit, comment on and get my social media presence up and running. I still have work to do on Twitter, but I have a plan. I’m going to continue exploring blogs and making new friends.

3) My fiction goal never really did get off the ground, but ideas are flowing and I probably have three stories brewing right now. With less internet access as the crew of s/v Fawkes heads south to the islands I’ll have a lot more time to get this goal off the ground.

4) My goals for 2012 are firmly in place. I’m thrilled with what I accomplished this year and look forward to making 2012 even better.

Congratulations to all my fellow ROW’ers and I look forward to cheering you on in the New Year.

I’d like to say a special thank you to my wonderful Row Sista Natalie Hartford . We’ve both been very busy as this Round 4, but I think we’ve both come through with flying colors.

My original Goals

1) Nancy J Nicholson’s Blog – Flying with the Phoenix
– Post three entries a week.
– Be three entries ahead at all times in case I’m sailing on a posting day.
– Reply to comments on my post.

2) Branding Nancy J Nicholson
– Read my blog subscriptions as internet allows.
– Re-Tweet 5 blogs a week.
– Comment on 10 blogs a week.
– Post on Facebook 5 times a week.
– Post on Twitter 5 times a week.

3) Outline a new novel complete with working synopsis.
– Week One – Journal on new story idea/ 500 words per day for seven days.
– Week Two – Three – Main character developement
– Week Four – Seven – Hero’s Journey and Digging Deeper
– Week Eight – Setting and Plot specifics/ 500 words per day for seven days.
– Week Nine – Ten – Outline and Theme
– Week Eleven – Synopsis

4) Review annual goals for 2011 and write new goals for 2012.
– Week One – Five Review and update Business Plan for 2011.
– Week Six – Eleven Create Business Plan for 2012 with action steps.

October 9, 2011

Yeah, my first check-in. This week has sped by and our objective is to move our sailboat south and explore North Carolina. We have been sailing six of the seven days of this week.

1) I’ve maintained my blog with three posts. I still need to put more inventory in the hopper for those times we will not have internet access.

2) Because of limited access to internet, I have not been able to read other blogs. I hope to rectify that in the next four days.

3) Week one of fiction, I’ve done more thought into character, not journaling my story, but I feel the character will influence the story. I hope to double up for next week.

4) Again, sailing has taken precedence over computer time and the review of my goals. I still have four weeks to do a good review.

October 12, 2011 Check-in

Seems like it was just Sunday. I’m going to have to get my act together a bit better to complete all these goals. We finally have internet access for four days and I’m going to try and catch up and get a bit ahead of the game.

1) I’m still on track with my blog posts and hopefully by the next check-in, I’ll be ahead of the game.

2) I have commented on seven blogs so far and have updated my status on Facebook once.

3) I’m reviewing my fiction brainstorming goals a bit and should have them updated by Sunday. I think they are a bit over ambitious with all the moving south.

4) I hope to have my goals scheduled for review tomorrow so I can stay current with those.

In less than eight days we hope to be heading out to sea for three days/two nights, so I will want to be up to date by then.

October 16, 2011 Check-in

I have to say this week was better than the week before and if I just look at this exercise as a progression, I’m on track.

1) I posted all three blogs for the week and have two in the hopper. One more to go to get ahead and by the end of next week I should be there.

2) I’m having a bit a of trouble posting on Twitter and Facebook five times a week, but I am checking in and did post three times on Facebook and Twitter with 1 re-tweet. I also commented on 26 blog posts this week, way over my goal and read at least half that many more. So maybe I need to re-organize my time, but I’m getting into the grove and will look at this as a progression.

3) I’ve done some organizing on a new plot to work on and started filling in my templates. I’m going to call that a success.

4) Goals, I’ve outlined what I need to review this week and still have three more weeks to stay on track.

I’ve checked in with my ROW80 Sista and have to say Natalie Hartford is an ahhmazing woman. I’m not sure where she get’s her energy but it’s coming through the lines just fine.

October 19, 2011 check-in

We’ve been moving the boat since Sunday, yet I have:

1) Posted two blogs and hope to have three more done by tomorrow.

2) I’ve already make four Facebook posts and 2 twitter post for the week.

3) I’ve made a decision on what story idea I’m going to flesh out and outline for the quarter.

4) Still need to get goals underway, but will have three days and two nights at sea with no internet and ample time to review my goals.

I’ve checked in with my ROW80 Sista and we’re rocking the ROW hot. Natalie Hartford is learning to balance her life and open a creative channel.

October 26, 2011 check-in

I missed Sunday’s check-in as I was out to sea. So the good news, I’m farther south than I was, the bad news is some of the writing I wanted to while standing watch was put into thinking mode more than writing mode, but all good. I’ve been busy since Sunday.

1) I’ve posted and/or scheduled three blogs so far this week.

2) I’ve already make five Facebook posts and three twitter posts this week. I’ve commented on 8 of 10 blogs for the week.

3) My WIP is still brewing, but since we’re going to be in one location for a couple weeks, I’m anticipating some good work.

4) Ah, my goals, I’ve gotten a start on these and again, hope to make progress yet this week.

Overall, a really good week and love checking in with my ROW80 Sista Natalie Hartford . She’s a busy chickadee right now, but she’s making awesome progress.

November 9, 2011 check-in

I’m having a hard time with Sunday check-ins. Maybe because we take a day of rest, I don’t know, but here I am on the verge of taking off on our next hop down the East coast. Considering the weather and the places to explore, I think I’ve done a fair job.

1) I’ve kept my three blogs a week going and have two in the hopper as of today with six outlines started. Whew!

2) I’m posting three to five Facebook posts a week and re-tweeting about two blogs a week. I’m behind at this point. I’ve commented on seventeen blogs since my last check-in.

3) WIP still brewing.

4) I’m really hopping on my goals. The momentum generated by reviewing my 2011 goals and setting our cruising plans in order has help shape an idea of 2012.

I’ve checked in with my ROW 80 Sista Natalie Hartford and connected with her on Facebook as well. What a great support.

November 16, 2011 check-in

Sailing vessel Fawkes is finally in warm waters. I should be able to concentrate more fully on my goals.

1) I’m on target with my three blogs a week, though Monday’s showed up on Tuesday, but the wait I think was worth it.

2) I’ve posted four times on Facebook and three on Twitter. My commenting has been limited due to no internet at sea. I did comment on four blogs since my last check-in.

3) WIP is taking some interesting turns in my head with the time at sea. I need to get these ideas written down.

4) My 2012 goals are being revised as well. It’s amazing how much time a brain has to work on a three hour shift at the wheel. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to write things down on my off watch as the need to sleep is paramount.

Finally, I have a wonderful ROW 80 Sista, Natalie Hartford who is looking out for me. I think we’ve both benefited greatly. Thanks, Natalie!

November 20, 2011 check-in

I’ve spent the last several days doing a bit of spring cleaning as it relates to my writing and goals. This time of year I spend time reviewing what I’ve done where I want to go and what steps I’m going to do to get there. Clearing the decks really allows me to see. Mostly I’ve spent my time organizing to make my life more simple.

1) I’ve posted Friday’s blog post rounding out the week with three posts.

2) I’ve read 10 blogs, re-tweeted 1, commented on 6, posted 4 Facebook updates and 1 twitter update.

3) Fiction is taking a temporary backseat as I organize.

4) This is where my most work has come into play, see the above explanation of organization.

I exchanged another set of emails with my ROW Sista Natalie Hartford .

November 23, 2011 check-in

Happy Thanksgiving! This week has continued with the spring cleaning and getting ready to leave the states.

1) Posted two blog posts since last check-in.

2) I’ve read 15 blogs, commented 10 blogs, 3 FB updates and 3 twitter updates.

3) Fiction is still in the backseat and I hope to report something more next week.

4) Goals are only slightly behind but I’m confident they’ll be done by the end of the 80 days.

Moving the boat to our jumping off point today, so won’t be in the cyber world until probably black Friday. See you then.

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76 Responses to ROW 80

  1. What a list! Good luck with your goals. I look forward to getting to know you during round 4 :)

  2. Natalie says:

    Love your goals. And happy we’ll be ROW80 Sistas!!

    Woot woot – you are going to do ahhhmazing – I can’t wait to see how you progress and everything you are going to accomplish!

    I’m doing outlining for the first time so I am following Outlining Your Novel: Map Your Way to Success by K.M. Weiland for now – until I figure out my own rhythm. Any tips/tricks? I’d love to hear and how did you develop your method.

    Here we go….so excited!!

  3. Nancy, you’re already planning to write your 2012 goals? I do yearly and monthly goals, but I’m never organized enough that I can start thinking about them early.

    You’ve inspired me! Just wrote down. . . work on 2012 goals. lol!

  4. Yay for leaping in!! I also didn’t post until today. Onward upward and hooray for getting things done during ROW80!

  5. Good job on very specific goals! I don’t know if you have a specific method set for outlining that works for you, but Stacy Green just posted about using the Snowflake method. It sounds interesting.

    Happy sailing! :-)

  6. Hi Nancy,
    This is an awesome list. You are so well organized!

  7. I have to tell you….I am so impressed with everything you do as you sail around! And I thought I had challenges! You really are well organized and that will keep you on track. I like the number you put on how many RT’s and blog comments you will do. I think I need that instead of just a random time limit. So, you go, Nancy!

  8. Susan A. says:

    I admire your determination to keep to your goals despite the obstacles. It can’t be easy getting so much accomplished without internet access that often. I hope you manage to keep up with your goals and get a lot done. It will be worth the hard work and at least some things you plan to do don’t require internet access, so it could be worse!

    • Susan, I appreciate the support. You’re right, I have to look at what I can do without internet access. I’m just getting back in the grove of seriously writing after the kids have left the boat. I’m looking forward to this propelling me into habits that won’t let go.

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  10. Natalie says:

    Fantastic work towards this week’s goals. You rock! I love that you spent more time on developing the character. I agree, that will likely help the story idea flow wonderfully. Keep it up – doing all of this writing, blogging, commenting and tweeting all the while sailing South and dealing with lack of Internet is definitely a challenge. Stick with it. You’ll find a way to pull it all together!

  11. Good work, Nancy! I can’t believe how quickly this check-in came either. You are so efficient with your time too.

    Hope you have a great rest of the week.

  12. Stephanie says:

    Planning ahead…good stuff. Going out to sea…sounds wonderful.

    I just created a tentative set of writing goals for 2012 last night. It needs tweaking, but at least I’ve made a start.

    All in all, it sounds like you’ve made a good start on Round 4 despite computer problems.

    All the best for continued success and enjoy your time away.


  13. Sounds like fun – living on board and sailing around. Like your list of goals. Haven’t thought about 2012. Reminder I need to do that. Happy writing.

  14. Natalie says:

    You are doing fantastic on your goals Nancy and I am so pleased to hear it. What a rocking week and agree, much success! Love it!!
    WOW on the blogging – maybe you didn’t get the tweet and facebook as much as you wanted but commenting on 26 blogs and reading half that many more is ahhhmazing! I think that’s huge and wonderful support to your fellow bloggers. Rock it out Nancy.
    Hats off to you for doing so well this week and keep that momentum going – you are an inspiration!

  15. Hey, getting into the groove sounds like progress to me. :-D Keep it up!

  16. You are doing so well, Nancy. Great job! Love reading about your progress :-)

  17. Lofty goals! What, exactly do you post on Facebook several times a week? After I set up my site, I really don’t know what to do with it!

    • Jennifer, I don’t have a fan page yet, so mostly friends and family. I like to give little quips about experiences, not too specific. I also like posting pictures. My ‘friends’ seem to like that as well. Welcome aboard.

  18. Way to go! Have fun exploring NC. My parents retired down there and they love it!

  19. Wendy says:

    Have a great trip. That sounds amazingly peaceful. I think I’m jealous. And I admire your goals. Very well organized. Keep up the good work!

  20. Jenny Hansen says:

    WOW, Nancy!! I am so completely impressed. You get on with your ROW80 AMAZING self. :-)

  21. Hi Nancy! I’ve taken your idea of doing 2012 goals to heart and have been brainstorming on them for a couple of weeks. Hope you have a good week. You’re doing a great job with your blogging!!!

    • Thanks Bridgette. I’m always amazed at the end of the year just what I have accomplished without really thinking about it. But of course I have thought about it leading up to the new year. So I’ve learned not to fuss too much and somehow a good chunk of goals get done.

  22. KH LeMoyne says:

    Nancy, you’re really plugging through those goals. Love that. Way to go.

  23. I love your goals. Very specific and workable. :D

  24. Julie Glover says:

    Great progress! I also struggle to check-in on Sunday. That’s usually a day of rest for us too. Sometimes I skip it, and sometimes I end up posting an update around 10 p.m. after the kids get in bed. Best wishes on your ROW80 goals!

  25. Natalie says:

    You are doing FAB rowsista and sooo happy we connected on FB! Love it!

    And no worries if you only do a check-in once a week – I know a lot of people do. It’s about making it work for you.

    GREAT job on the writing and the blogging goals – you are going right to town! Keep it up and here’s to connected at your next port (although I am off to the camp Thur-Sun so I’ll be offline for a bit). Travel safe…thinking of you and cheering you on always!

  26. Ryan King says:

    Nice! I miss the NC/SC coast. Keep up the great work.

  27. I am definitely jealous of your s/v Fawkes! To be someplace where one can avoid the noise of modern life, to be able to think about what one would like to, or need to, is great. Given your constraints, you are doing so well on goals==good job!

  28. Great work, Nancy! I wish I could pinch off a little of your organizational skills. I need them!

  29. Jillian Dodd says:

    Sometimes you have to take a step back and figure out where you are. Is your book going to incorporate sailing?? I’m reading Patricia Sand’s Bridge Club right now, and one of the characters goes sailing for eight years and it made me think of you!! Have a great Thanksgiving and keep up the good work on your goals!!

  30. Marji Laine says:

    Congrats on maintaining your goal. You’re so organized! So cool that you set aside time to create your business plan during ROW! I wouldn’t have thought of that.
    Loved your post about your neighbors! And I agree with Jillian about writing about sailing! I think most folks would find that exciting situation fascinating.

  31. Great steady progress, Nancy, and with the reorg as well! For me, taking time to plan out my steps gets me back on track. Love that you are looking forward and working on 2012 goals as well.

  32. Julie Glover says:

    What a challenge with sporadic internet access! I practically live on my laptop these days. Yet the sailing must be amazing. It sounds like you’re using your time wisely and thinking through your fiction. Best wishes with your goals!

  33. Sounds like another productive week for you, Nancy. You inspired me to get to work on my 2012 goals (linky love in Monday’s post for you too!) :) and I really admire what all you get accomplished.

    Hope you have a great week!

  34. Ryan King says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Have a great trip. I may borrow your schedule for outlining. ;)

  35. Natalie says:

    Fantastic on meeting all your social media and blogging goals Nancy – wow – you are doing amazing. And I love your faith on the writing goals. I know you and I have no doubt you’ll accomplish everything you’ve set out to do. Good luck this week with juggling sailing and everything else. Travel SAFE!!!

  36. L.S. Engler says:

    Even with the few goals being a little behind, it looks like you’re doing a great job, especially with keeping up with the social media (something I need to work on a lot myself!). Keep up the great work! I hope your Thanksgiving is fantastic!

  37. You are an inspiration! See you in the next ROW80.

  38. alberta ross says:

    well for someone with limited internet availabilty you manged the blogging well- hang my head in shame! – well done – wherever you are enjoy your festivities and see you next year

  39. Aww, your last checkin? Well, congratulations for finishing well!
    Hope to see you next round!
    Happy Holidays =)

  40. Congratulations Nancy!!!! I’m so impressed you’re continuing the 3 days a week blogging. Will you be doing Row80 in January? I’ve learned so much from your goal-setting ways that I hope so.

    Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks Bridgette, I’m going to try and keep my three blogs a week, but not sure about Round 1 of ROW, depends on my internet access in the next several weeks, but I’ll be checking in with all the wonderful ROWer’s.

  41. Truly a great job, Nancy, with keeping up with your 3 day a week blogging and other goals while having limited access. Your focus is dead-on and as Bridgette said, has helped me learn some things in terms of my process as well. Happy Holidays!

  42. You’ve certainly had a busy year! I think a lot of us have benefited hugely from ROW80. Good luck for the rest of the round and I hope to see you ROW80ing again in the new year :)

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